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‘Love for healthy foods becomes a business’

I was on my way to get a pre-holiday haircut in my home town of York. We were off for an exciting extended Summer break in 3 days’ time, when my mobile rang and I received some news which left me totally speechless.

The new path that I was about to be embarking on just came to a sudden halt – all direction ceased and I had a blank sheet of paper!

They say you change things based on inspiration or desperation…..My change was inspired by a quote I had been given on a card which read ‘she believed she could, so she did’ coupled with a huge amount of support from my family and friends.

And it was on the back of this that I set upon my new journey, drawing on my huge experience in the food and drink industry and following my passion and interest in healthy foods.

Nutalicious ‘Exquisitely Nuts’ offers something different. It allows you to create a personalised gift for someone you care about using a base of handpicked healthy products. It lets you create some truly tasty and mouth wateringly gorgeous gifts in your own unique way. At the same time, you also know you are helping the small holder macadamia trade in Malawi.

I really hope you enjoy your Nutalicious creations as much as I have enjoyed making them. I would love to hear from you with any comments you have and please, keep coming back and checking our products as we will be updating regularly with more gorgeous nutaliciousness……

From Karen

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